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Long time no blog

I have been a long time since I have posted any updates about running or anything else for that matter. In a very brief update here is what has been taking place. 2015 was a bad year. I had two major injuries. Calf and hamstring. Both of thee were pretty devastating and I was pretty … Continue reading »

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Run Rabbit Run Nutrition

I still need to complete my GoPro race video from the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile in Steamboat Sprint, CO. I guess I am being lazy about it. I have the Farmdale 50 mile this weekend so I need to get back on track and post my race video this week. In the mean time I wanted … Continue reading »

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2014 Race Schedule Update

I am so ready to race I can’t stand it.  I have been fairly consistent in my winter training since December. I never seem to run enough training miles but what else is new.  Regardless, let’s race!  Here is a quick update on what I am thinking for racing now. I am still looking for a … Continue reading »

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GoPro Testing

I picked up a GoPro last this week. I am going to document each race this year with video.  Today was super windy and I am really impressed how well the GoPro eliminated any wind sounds.  That is always a big problem with shooting video outside.  The only odd sounds were when I was switching … Continue reading »

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2014 Ultra Race Schedule

I have been thinking of what ultra to race in 2014.  To raise the bar this year I want to complete a 100k and maybe 100 miler.  The 100k has been on my mind for over a year now.  My lack to training in late 2012 cost me the chance to run a 100k in … Continue reading »

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Quick Update

It has been a while since I posted. I am happy to report that I am 100% off injured reserve. The knee took some time to heal. Much longer than I was expecting but I am going on two weeks now without any knee issues. I am feeling really good and up to this week … Continue reading »

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Knee Injury Update

I have not been running much at all since the NF 50 mile. I think only two runs to be exact. After a week of vacation post race the knee was feeling just fine. I attempted a run two Monday’s ago. Ran about 4 miles and after the run the knee felt like it did … Continue reading »

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North Fork 50 Mile Slideshow

We managed to get a lot of photos from the NF50 race. Some are from our iPhones and some from our Canon point and shoot. They all turned out great and I can’t wait to get a few of these printed for my medal display area in our bedroom. If you have any issue viewing … Continue reading »

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North Fork 50 Mile Race Report

I knew going into the North Fork 50 mile that I was biting off a lot. Living in Iowa and at about 1200 feet we just don’t have anything that I would consider an mountain. Also we have not had access to the trails this spring due to the rain. Add in the Colorado altitude … Continue reading »

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The elusive 50 mile week

Since I started running and training for ultras in 2012 the hardest part has been consistently running high mileage weeks. The 50 mile week has become a target for me and somewhat of my nemesis to be honest. Looking back at my training history and excluding any race weeks, I only have two weeks that … Continue reading »

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