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Trail Running Light Options

One of the missing items in my ultra gear bag of tricks is a quality trail running light. I found this out the hard way at the North Face 50m in Sept. of 2012. I quickly discovered that a camping headlamp is not a realistic option for trail running. These are light but nowhere close to providing … Continue reading »

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2012 North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Ultra

Last weekend was the big kahuna for me. My first 50 mile ultra. If you asked me at in the spring about completing a 50 mile ultra I would have said, “I;m not ready for that distance”. To be honest 50 miles was not even on my radar. My goals this year was to just … Continue reading »

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Craigslist Hunting or Hunted?

One of the four issues I need to address before I am ready for my first 50 miles ultra is some kind of upper body and core workout. I don’t want to gain a lot, if any, weight but I need to convert some upper body fat to muscles. It would help me accomplish this … Continue reading »

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Registered: North Face 50 Mile Endurance Challenge

Well, today I registered for the North Face 50 Mile Endurance race. 50 miles seems crazy to tell you the truth. I am about a 6 hour 50k racer so how hard can an extra 20 miles really be? 🙂 I am going to find out in September. I say bring it!

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