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Quote of the Day

Ryan A. on Daily Mile posted this and I thought it was well worth posting again. This morning I have read it about three times it is so true. “The biggest reward of marathon training is confidence. A 20 or 22 mile training run cannot be purchased, and it can’t be rescinded. You are the … Continue reading »

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Run Update 3.6.12 – On the War Path

It was absolutely incredible outside today. 75 degree when I left work at 5. I rushed home, changed, and ask my wife to drive me out to Boonville so I could make the back part of my new route my beaaach. Last weekend I had such a terrible time on the second half of my … Continue reading »

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Trail Dreaming

I have to admit the past few weeks I have been dreaming of spring almost every day. Around here trail running or riding pretty much shuts down when it is too wet. Late winter can be the worst time of year for the trails. It is usually not cold enough to freeze the trails to … Continue reading »

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