Frisco Railroad Run 50 mile ultra video

Here is my first race of the year. A 50 mile ultra captured in glorious video from my GoPro. The Frisco 50m was down in Missouri. Terra, Noah, and I went down on Friday and checked into a hotel. They were both running their first half marathon. Noah won the under 20 age group and … Continue reading »

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Family Fun Bicycle Day

Sometimes it is not all about training for my next ulta. 30 miles on the bicycle with the family is a great off-day event to keep the legs moving and smile on my face. I took the GoPro along with us attached with my new SP Gadgets Remote Pole. The SP Remote Pole has a … Continue reading »

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More GoPro Run Testing

Last Saturday I took the GoPro on a 20 mile run. The first 6 miles were with my son. I managed to get some decent footage along the way of the greater Des Moines area. I even managed to get in a little trail running. The trails were still too wet for mountain biking but … Continue reading »

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Golden Gate Bridge Run

I had the opportunity to get out for a run in San Francisco. I was there for work last Tuesday and had a few hours to burn. I thought it would be around a 10 mile run but it turned out to be just over 14 miles. Crossing over the bridge on a run was … Continue reading »

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GoPro Testing

I picked up a GoPro last this week. I am going to document each race this year with video.  Today was super windy and I am really impressed how well the GoPro eliminated any wind sounds.  That is always a big problem with shooting video outside.  The only odd sounds were when I was switching … Continue reading »

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Superman: A Father’s Day Tribute

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The Last Mile Trailer

I’m really looking forward to seeing this documentary. Why I ever became a runner is still a mystery to me. The Last Mile from Red Tide Productions on Vimeo.

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Vague Direction Documentary

In addition to running I bicycle whenever I get the change. Owning a touring bicycle myself I dream of that big trip. Vague Direction is such a trip that gets me excited. Join Dave Gill, project director, as he attempts to cycle across USA and back through Canada. Meet with the colourful characters from all … Continue reading »

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New Running Movie: In The High Country

I just picked up a copy of Unbreakable a couple of weeks ago. I watched it twice within the first couple of days. It is a great to see moving on running and even better when it is about trail running. I highly recommend anyone interested in running and ultras to buy a copy and … Continue reading »

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Nike Exploiting Fat People? Huh?

Nike is taking some heat for this ad. Some are saying they are exploiting fat people. I did not get that at all. I found it pretty impirational to tell you the truth. What do you think?

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