100k Training Week 3 Update

Week three was a bit of a training oddity. I decided to do a long run mid-week. i wanted to get in at least 15 miles and managed a bit over 16 with my warmup and cool down. There was no reason for a mid-week long run other than I was feeling really good. I … Continue reading »

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100K Training Week 2 Update

Week two of my 100k training place was a bit disappointing. I was short on mileage after a weekend mistake to take a day off. I changed the plan to take Saturday off and run Sunday. I should have put in at least some Saturday miles. Sunday came and I just didn’t have it in … Continue reading »

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100k Training Plan

Here is the plan I am following for my 100k in October. I modified a 20 week plan and jumping into it at week 5. To be honest, I don’t do well with training plans. I always seem to change them mid stream. Maybe that is not a bad thing? I don’t know. I hope … Continue reading »

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Mines of Spain 100k – Registered

This week I registered for my first 100k ultra. I’ve always dreaded registering for the 100k distance. I know how bad I feel at the end of a 50 mile ultra. Knowing that I have an addition 12 miles is a bit daunting. I need to retrain my mind to the 100k distance. The Mines … Continue reading »

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Update to Race History

It has been too long since I have made any updates. I have just updated my Race History with lots of races. I was pretty far behind but things are current now. I am also going to link all the races to my Strava account this week. I have run 3, soon to be 4, … Continue reading »

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More GoPro Run Testing

Last Saturday I took the GoPro on a 20 mile run. The first 6 miles were with my son. I managed to get some decent footage along the way of the greater Des Moines area. I even managed to get in a little trail running. The trails were still too wet for mountain biking but … Continue reading »

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Strava Run Share

I am testing out some of the Strava features. Embedding a run in a blog post works pretty nice but it doesn’t show the Instagram photo feature. If you authorize your Instagram account on Strava any photos you take and post during your run will show up on the route map. Unfortunately they don’t show up … Continue reading »

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Strava v.s. DailyMile v.s. Garmin Connect

I love to use technology. It is what I do for a living and what I do in my personal life. I am a geek in just about everything I do. Gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets!  Running is no different.  I need to be able to track my progress and view routes or races, give … Continue reading »

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Golden Gate Bridge Run

I had the opportunity to get out for a run in San Francisco. I was there for work last Tuesday and had a few hours to burn. I thought it would be around a 10 mile run but it turned out to be just over 14 miles. Crossing over the bridge on a run was … Continue reading »

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DecemBeard 100 – Week 3 Update

Not a very good week.  The weather was terrible. There is only one weather issue that I can’t manage running in and that is ice.  We have had sheet ice on 80% of all sidewalks for the last week. It has made running outside slow and a dangerous.  I don’t mind snow or low temps … Continue reading »

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