Strava v.s. DailyMile v.s. Garmin Connect

I love to use technology. It is what I do for a living and what I do in my personal life. I am a geek in just about everything I do. Gadgets, gadgets, and more gadgets! ┬áRunning is no different. ┬áI need to be able to track my progress and view routes or races, give … Continue reading »

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Altra Lone Peak 1.5 Initial Review

I received the Altra Lone Peak 1.5 trail shoes last week. I own two pairs of the 1.0 version and I was really excited to get my feet the new version. Altra shoes changed the way I run and think about running in general. I ran my first 50k in 2012 in the Lone Peaks … Continue reading »

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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review

I recently picked up the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi scale. I started looking at a Wi-Fi scale about a year ago. At the time I thought that $100+ was a lot to pay for a scale. Previously I had a cheap $25 scale that did the job. It show me how much I weighed. What else do you … Continue reading »

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Altra Lone Peak 400 mile update

According to my Daily Mile data I have 313 miles on my Altra Lone Peaks. I am sure I missed marking the shoes on a few training runs or maybe races so I would estimate the mileage is closer to 400 miles. The Lone Peaks were my first pair of Altra shoes and they have … Continue reading »

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Nathan QuickDraw Plus Bottles Review

I recently picked up two Nathan QuickDraw bottles. I currently have an IronMan water belt that has two 10 oz. bottles with a small pouch. I also have a Nathan Endurance pack. I picked up two of the Nathan bottles to have a third option. After wearing my Nathan Endurance vest in my recent 50k race … Continue reading »

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Nathan Endurance Running Pack Review

My Nathan Endurance pack arrived today from Running Warehouse. I can’t seem to get comfortable running with water bottles in my hands so I needed something to wear other than a CamelBak that I use for mountain biking. The CamelBak is just too heavy to lug around for my long runs. I am also a … Continue reading »

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Garmin Forerunner 305 Review

I have been using my Garmin 305 for a few months now so it is about time I give a quick review. Prior to using the 305 I used RunMeter on my iPhone for all bike and run tracking. What sparked me to move up to a dedicated gps watch device was the iPhone battery … Continue reading »

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