Long time no blog

I have been a long time since I have posted any updates about running or anything else for that matter. In a very brief update here is what has been taking place. 2015 was a bad year. I had two major injuries. Calf and hamstring. Both of thee were pretty devastating and I was pretty … Continue reading »

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Run Rabbit Run Nutrition

I still need to complete my GoPro race video from the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile in Steamboat Sprint, CO. I guess I am being lazy about it. I have the Farmdale¬†50 mile this weekend so I¬†need to get back on track and post my race video this week. In the mean time I wanted … Continue reading »

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Run Rabbit Run 50 mile

I have not had a chance to post an update but I did finish the RRR50. Details to follow soon.

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2013 Free State Trail Race Report

What I really like about this race season is that I finally have a few races that I have done in the past. Last year was my first year running ultras so everything was brand new. This year I finally have something to gauge my efforts against. The Free State race is run by Bad … Continue reading »

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Comparing 2011 to 2012 Mileage

Daily Mile just released their 2012 year in review. All things considered. I was pretty happy with my the year. 2012 was the first year I took running seriously. It was the year I started running ultras. As I have mentioned in the past I really don’t like running very much. After my first 50k … Continue reading »

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Post 50 Mile Ankle/Shin Update

As I mention in my race update from the North Face Endurance Challenge I did something to my lower shin/upper ankle.  It has now been 8 days since the race so I thought I give a quick update. What a different a weeks makes.  I can now walk normal and only have a little tenderness … Continue reading »

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2012 North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Ultra

Last weekend was the big kahuna for me. My first 50 mile ultra. If you asked me at in the spring about completing a 50 mile ultra I would have said, “I;m not ready for that distance”. To be honest 50 miles was not even on my radar. My goals this year was to just … Continue reading »

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2012 Week 31 Recap

After a week off for our annual Colorado vacation I jumped back on the horse this week. Mileage is a little low but I will build it back up this week and next. Running miles was only 29 with a few extra miles of bike commuting. I was pretty happy with two 10 mile runs … Continue reading »

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2012 Week 28 Recap

This week was pretty fantastic not for the any significant mileage. I dropped down into the 30’s as I start to taper for the 50k. But I did have three runs that were just incredible. If I can harness that same feeling for my 50k I will be gold. Here is a graphic from Daily … Continue reading »

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2012 Week 27 Recap

Anther solid week for my training. I am feeling pretty good right now with no injuries to complain about. What was bothering my right knee is gone. I think I figured out a way to combat it. Before and after runs I have been using a roller on my leg muscles. I can’t really explain … Continue reading »

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