Run Rabbit Run Nutrition

I still need to complete my GoPro race video from the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile in Steamboat Sprint, CO. I guess I am being lazy about it. I have the Farmdale¬†50 mile this weekend so I¬†need to get back on track and post my race video this week. In the mean time I wanted … Continue reading »

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Weight Update

I have not seen 199 in a long time. This was post run but I’ll take it. I hope it becomes my average morning weight very soon.

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Weight Update

203 lbs. as of this morning. I have been slightly injured the past two weeks but that has not stopped the progress of my weight loss. The goal is to be below 200 by the North Fork 50m at the end of June.

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Weight Check

Since purchasing my FitBit Wi-Fi scale and tracking my food the weight has been steady dropping. As of today I am down 8 pounds. Yea! The big difference has been tracking my food intake. Using the Fitbit app, that works in conjunction with the scale, tracking to a daily intake of only 1200 calories plus … Continue reading »

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Understandig my water & GU intake

Since I have been running with water bottles the past few weeks I have really started to dial in my water intake. The one thing with a pack that I don’t like is not really knowing how much water you are taking in until it is too late . The other benefit of the water … Continue reading »

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First 50k Lessons Learned

Here are just a few things I have been thinking about the last few days after my first 50k. I wanted to get these written down so I could read them again before my next race.  Some of these are pretty basic stuff that I have already known but never paid  much attention to. Others are … Continue reading »

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GU 100,000 Mile Challenge

I signed up for the GU 100,000 Mile Challenge recently. I though I’d share it with you, my lucky readers, so you can win some GU. You have to upload your miles from a GPS device so no cheating.

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Calorie Buring Mystery

This weekend I did my first decent length ride of 2012. It is common for me to get in one 100 mile ride and several 20-80 mile rides over the summer.  This weekend it was a short of 42 miles. After I was done I started to think about the difference there are between riding and running. … Continue reading »

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