I decided to create a dedicated running blog this year. Although I really don’t consider myself a runner yet I do want a way log the adventure. And just maybe it might help some one else that is thinking of training for an ultra. I upload my mileage to my Daily Mile profile. Daily Mile is a great way to track your runs but after time but I wanted a way to post more than just miles and make it easy to review past information. This blog will allow me to do just that. You can expect questions about training, racing, hydration, food intake, just about anything related to accomplishing my ultra goals. Also I’ll try to reviews the gear I use. I am a photo and video geek as well so expect view reviews and general photos from the trails.

Over the past few years (2009-2011) I have run a few 5k and half marathons. When I started running on a regular basis, after I turned 40, the half was a big challenge for me. Once I did a few halfs I decided to jump to training for an ultra. I skipped the road marathon altogether. No disrespect to road marathoners but it seems that everyone and their grandmother has run one. I am sure I will do a road marathon at some point but I see the trail ultras as a much bigger challenge and badge of honor.

When it comes to running long distance, trail running is where I get the most satisfaction. I run alone by choice and I’m somewhat of an introvert. There is not much better than being in the woods buylasix.net on a summer evening and running on single track trails. But I have always been an athlete but not a distance runner. As I get older I find running is a great way to push myself mentally and physically. What better way to test yourself than an completion ultra marathons? The ultimate goal is to complete a 100 mile ultra before I am 50. That gives me 6 year from the time of this post.

So now you know just about everything there is to know about why I am trying run and what this blog is all about.

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