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Posted by on October 30, 2016

I have been a long time since I have posted any updates about running or anything else for that matter. In a very brief update here is what has been taking place.

2015 was a bad year. I had two major injuries. Calf and hamstring. Both of thee were pretty devastating and I was pretty depressed about it all year. On top of that I took short-term disability for a vertigo issue that started in Sept of 2015 and went through Feb or 2016. I used to think my back issues were the worst thing to happen to me. Vertigo trumped that for sure. I hope I never get vertigo again.

Early 2016 things turned around and I started running again. Over the past year I ballooned up to 223 pounds but I am happy to say I am below 200 now. Floating around the 197 mark and the lightest I have been in 10 years. Now let’s talk races!

The 5k race to support fallen veterans of Iowa was a loop around a local lake on crushed limestone. It was a fun race and got my competitive juices flowing.

Terra and I are all smiles after the 5k

Terra and I are all smiles after the 5k.

The Runner’s Flash 50k in Cedar Falls, IA was to me my return to ultra running. The race was a four lap event and my first ultra September 2014. That seems like so long ago. I really dislike laps when running an ultra. Give me a big loop or an out and back any day of the week over loops. This was the first race I ran without anyone else being there. With my wife cheering me on I knew it would be a bit odd. I drove the two hours up to Cedar Rapids, IA and stayed the night in a hotel by my lonesome. The race started at 7 AM the next day and I woke up feeling rested and ready to run. Everything kicked off without a hitch but it was really crowded for the first lap. I felt really good halfway through the course but the third lap it all fell apart. My body was really tight and I hurt all over. This is something related to my back and happens every so often. After the third lap I decided to stop. The farthest I have gone in the last year was 16 miles. After 21 miles I knew my body was not ready. Since I had another 50k in two weeks I decided that 21 miles was good enough for the day. I still received a pint glass for racing so it wasn’t a total waste. I headed into town for the post race event with my tail between my legs. I ate some pizza and had a couple of beers before driving the two hours back home.

Heading home after pizza and a couple beers at the post race event.

Heading home after pizza and a couple beers at the post race event.

Two weeks later on Oct. 23rd I had the G.O.A.T.Z. 50k in Omaha, NE. This time my wife was running the race so I had a partner in crime. She was running the 21 mile events and I was back at it for the 50k. My wife has really bad pronation and it still trying to figure out the right inserts, shoes, and tape job to keep her consistently training. This race was going to be the longest she had have ever run. In fact eight miles longer. The race was another loop course and it was playing with my mind. Three laps for the 50k and two for the 21 milers.

It was a great day to race.

It was a great day to race.

I felt pretty good through the first loop. My wife started 15 minutes after the 50k runners so I was not going to see here until the finish. By the time I was a few miles from finishing my second lap I told myself if my wife stopped at one lap and was waiting of me then I was going to quit again at 20 miles. She was no place to be seen and I knew she had already left on her final lap since she grabbed a few things from our drop box. I took at good 10 minutes before I picked myself up and headed out for the final lap. I was really happy I did since thing got better and I finished with 50k BP for the day with a 6:19 finish.

Two happy running on a fantastic day in the Midwest.

Two happy runners on a fantastic day in the Midwest.

It was a good return to ultra running and things are looking good for 2017. Terra killed the 21 miler and if she can figure out her pronation issues should be able to get a 50k under her belt in 2017.

I’d still like to get in a 50 mile race this year. Not sure I can make that happen or not. I need a 50 miler under my belt to feel 100% back in the swing of things.

Until next time, keep running!

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