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Posted by on October 7, 2014

I still need to complete my GoPro race video from the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile in Steamboat Sprint, CO. I guess I am being lazy about it. I have the Farmdale 50 mile this weekend so I need to get back on track and post my race video this week. In the mean time I wanted to detail one thing that changed for me at the Run Rabbit Run. One of the hardest things to figure out in running ultras is how to fuel yourself. My stomach doesn’t mind filling it with sticky sweet gels so I have always used them.  A lot of them!

For the first time ever running an ultra I did not go GU crazy this time. Trust me it was not by design. My normal nutrition plan is one GU gel every 2 miles. That is normally 25 GUs over a 50 mile race. I carry about 9 with me at all time.  In addition to GUs I eat everything I can at the aid stations. Normally this is quarters of PB&J sandwiches. This has worked well for me in the past.  At the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile for some reason I just did not want to eat the GUs. I don’t really have a reason why. I don’t mind them at all. 

What I ended up doing was fueling my body on watermelon and oranges.  It was so flipping good too.  Every aid station I hit I almost ate them out of their fruit.  I had good energy the entire race and most importantly I did not have sickly hands from the normal GU packages. I think in total I had less than 5 GUs across the 50 miles and they were almost all in the first 25 miles.

I am going to try to continue this new fruit plan and package my own watermelon and oranges for the Farmdale 50 mile.  The race is a 10 mile loop so I will have a chance to grab another bag or fruit and keep going.  There is an aid station at the 5 mile loop mark and at the start/finish. I will still eat whatever I can find at the aid stations.

One last thought was my water intake. I think I drank too  much water and sports drink. I felt bloated all race and only went pee twice.  The first time it was bright yellow but I don’t think that was from being dehydrated.  Being so high in the mountain it was much cooler so I was not sweating much after the first 10 miles.  But I did drink a lot of liquids. I carried two 20 oz bottles and filled them at each aid station which were 5 to 7 miles apart the entire race.  I am going to try something different at the Farmdale 50 mile this weekend. Instead of two 20 oz bottles in my running vest/pack I am going to go ultra light and only carry a 12 oz bottle in the back of my shorts. Weather is going to be 60/40 degree F so heat will not be a problem.

I will be a lot lighter with no GUs in my pack or 40 oz of water. I am hoping that makes a different later stages in the race.  I am keeping my fingers crossed anyway.  Look for the race video this week from the Run Rabbit Run.

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