Family Fun Bicycle Day

Posted by on April 18, 2014

Sometimes it is not all about training for my next ulta. 30 miles on the bicycle with the family is a great off-day event to keep the legs moving and smile on my face. I took the GoPro along with us attached with my new SP Gadgets Remote Pole. The SP Remote Pole has a place to put the GoPro remote right on the 24” extending pole. This way you can start and stop the video with a simple thumb press. You can also change settings between photo and video just as easy. I am still learning every time I take the GoPro out but this video came out pretty decent. I still have a few segments of knocking as the pole clanked against my bike. Enjoy the video.

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3 Responses to Family Fun Bicycle Day

  1. Scott

    I really need to use my GoPro more.

  2. Adam Stauffer

    Anyone else a little disappointed Ed didn’t hit a pedestrian in the head with the GoPro pole? Otherwise another cool video!