2014 Race Schedule Update

Posted by on March 27, 2014

I am so ready to race I can’t stand it.  I have been fairly consistent in my winter training since December. I never seem to run enough training miles but what else is new.  Regardless, let’s race!  Here is a quick update on what I am thinking for racing now.

I am still looking for a July and August Race. If you know of any in the midwest post a comment with a link.

  1. April 26th: Frisco Railroad Run 50m in Missouri
    I am running the 50 mile and my wife and son are running the half marathon. All recovered old railroad tracks filled over with crushed gravel.  Very flat course so hoping for a 50 mile PR.  This will be the first half marathon for by my wife and son.  It should be an exciting race!
  2. May 10th: Rock-On, Lake Perry! 50k in Missouri
    I love running the Trail Nerd events down in Missouri.  Bad Ben is the best race director and there is always a lot of running having a great time! 
  3. May 31st: Dam to Dam Half Marathon in Des Moines
    A local half marathon never hurts the ultra training. I may run this with my wife and encourage her along the way. This is another race my son is doing as well.
  4.  June 28th: North Fork 50 mile in Colorado
    My second year running this race.
  5. November ??: Wild Sebastian 100 mile in Florida
    My first 100!

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5 Responses to 2014 Race Schedule Update

  1. Sadye

    Yeah Dam to Dam! Let’s hope the weather’s like last year’s!

    • Ed

      I did not run it last year. I think I did 2 years ago. Maybe even 3. Yikes!

  2. Ryan

    Wild Sebastian 100? Stepping the game up- I like it!

    If you’re thinking about pacers for the Wild Sebastian let me know. Depending on what pace you’re thinking, I’d love to help you out. I live down in FL, and was planning on doing a loop – but helping to pace would be much more rewarding.

    • Ed

      Ryan, I will reach out for sure since are you down there already. Not sure if you have heard about this race but it is 25 mile laps. So if you are up for it I could use a pacer for a lap. All flat with a little sand but I am sure you know the landscape. I ran my WI 50m in 10 hrs 11 minutes. My Colorado 50m was 12 hrs 11 minutes. So I am not a fast runner at all. Depending on what lap you want to run it could be 12 minute miles by then. 🙂

  3. Ryan

    Awesome results on those 50 Milers! I think we could work something out in those later laps for sure. I’m mainly a marathoner, but have in the last couple years done a few 50Ks, and am looking to do a 50 miler soon.

    I laugh when I see your bad Ben race on there. I did the Psycho Wyco (summer version) a couple years in a row. That is some serious fun- not to mention torture. The first year I had no idea what it was, and did no trail running – and basically no hill training before i went. That last lap was a real slog!!

    Anyway, anything around, or of course over, 915/min pace would allow me to be comfortable enough to focus on your needs, etc. I’ve paced a few marathons for friends around 10/min pace and had a great time helping them out. And now that I am looking to do a 50 miler early next year, this would help me understand more about how the longer ultras work.

    I could hang out and help in the early loops, and run a last or second to last lap if you’re interested. We’ll have to continue to chat and see how our spring/summers go.

    Best of luck in Missouri on the Frisco rail!