Golden Gate Bridge Run

Posted by on March 22, 2014

I had the opportunity to get out for a run in San Francisco. I was there for work last Tuesday and had a few hours to burn. I thought it would be around a 10 mile run but it turned out to be just over 14 miles. Crossing over the bridge on a run was on my running bucket list and I’m happy to say I have checked that one off!

This was my second attempt at using the new GoPro while out on a run. After I returned home and started to edit the video I quickly realized I would have shot a lot more video. I’m looking forward to getting out on our local tails for my next installment of running video adventures. The trails just need to dry out first.

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4 Responses to Golden Gate Bridge Run

  1. Ryan

    Great views there in Frisco! Now you just need to make it back for the TNF50 championships, right?

    I like these goPro vids you have here. I’m curious if you are using the stick attachment, or is the angle of the lens just that wide as you hold it in your hand?

    Happy trails!

    • Ed

      I will make a post tonight on my running GoPro setup. I’d love to run the TNF50 this year. Do you live out there?

      • Ryan

        Cool…I look forward to the setup info. I’ve been contemplating getting one, just not sure how often I’d use it.

        I don’t live in Frisco, just a big fan of the ultra scene – and especially jealous of the Cali and Colorado trail communities with the endless trail races. I used to live in the midwest, but moved to southwest Florida last year. Good running all year, which is great. Seriously flat, though- so the mountain trail ultras are a stretch for me these days!

        I’m better suited to flatter ultras now- which is fine. If I get a real urge to do more hilly stuff, I’ll just get on the dreadmill and crank out some hills more often.

  2. Sadye

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing with us. I’ve never been to the West Coast, so it’s very cool to see the ocean.