GoPro Testing

Posted by on March 15, 2014

I picked up a GoPro last this week. I am going to document each race this year with video.  Today was super windy and I am really impressed how well the GoPro eliminated any wind sounds.  That is always a big problem with shooting video outside.  The only odd sounds were when I was switching hands in the video and my wedding ring hit the GoPole than I am using to hold the GoPro.  I can’t want to shoot video durring a race out in Colorado so you can see the epic landscapes I get to run through.

I will be posting more on the GoPro and the accessories I purchased in a later post. For now check out the video from today’s run.

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4 Responses to GoPro Testing

  1. Adam Stauffer

    Nice beard and video! Curious what you did with the GoPole when you weren’t filming? Just carry it or tuck it into your vest somehow? Thanks.

    • Ed

      It fits perfect in the bottle carriers on my vest. camera end down with the handle up. I’d guess that it weighs less than a bottle of water filled.

  2. Vincent

    Might have to get one of these GoPoles for mine, be interesting to play about with, think this might be a good one to get for your running Ed, would give a pretty neat view me thinks

    • Ed

      That would make for some great video on the trails this summer.