2014 Ultra Race Schedule

Posted by on December 30, 2013

I have been thinking of what ultra to race in 2014.  To raise the bar this year I want to complete a 100k and maybe 100 miler.  The 100k has been on my mind for over a year now.  My lack to training in late 2012 cost me the chance to run a 100k in 2013.  The 100 miler is aways on my mind and is my ultimate ultra goal.   I did take Oct. and Nov. off this year and it did help the nagging injuries I had from the North Fork.  Now with Dec. coming to an end I am very happy where I am at in my training. I am back to a solid base with the DecemBeard 100 challenge I have been doing.  Legs feel strong and despite running every day all month I feel refreshed and excited for the 2014 season.

Here is what I plan to run in 2014.  This works out really nice since it builds the distance of each race to the final race in November for my fist 100 mile ultra.  Here is the schedule.

  1. Feb 8th: Psycho Wyco 50k in Kansas
    This is a race that I have not done before.  Being in Feb it will be interesting how I do since I will only have 2 months into my training.  I only hope it is not cold and snow on the group.
  2. April 14th: Free State Trail Run 40 mile in Kansas
    I have done the Free State race for the last three years. Each year I did the trail marathon distance.  They also have 100k and a 40 miler. I won’t be ready for the 100k but I will move up to the 40 mile distance in 2014.
  3. June 28th: North Fork 50 mile in Colorado
    This will be my second time running the NF50.  Last year it was very hard due to the CO elevation.  I completed the race but with a few injuries. This year the goal is to cut an hour off my time and come out of it injury free.
  4. November ??: Wild Sebastian 100 mile in Florida
    The race date for the Fall version of the Wild Sebastian is not set yet but last year it was November 16th.  This entire month or December I have been asking myself if not 100 mile race this year then when?  2014 seems as good a year as any.  With a November date I really don’t have any excuses not to be ready.   I picked this race for a few reasons. First my in-laws are in Florida so it is very convenient.  Next it should be right around my 47th birthday.  Last, this event has a very unique race format.  The course is 25 mile loops. They offer a 25, 50, 75, and 100 mile options.  You register for the distance you want to complete.  If you fall short then you are credited with the last full lap you completed.  So as long as I register for the 100 I could still PR on distance even if I fell short and only completed the 75 mile distance.  The farthest distance between aid stations is less than 4 miles.  When I add it all up it should be an excellent way to run my first 100 mile ultra.

I may have a few other races in between these around Des Moines that are not ultra distances. If I can make the entire year injury free then the 100 will be clearly in my sites come November

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