DecemBeard 100

Posted by on December 16, 2013

It is hard to believe that it has been September since my last post.  For December I set a 100 mile month goal to start off the 2014 season.  This will get me into a good spot come January and I should be able to  hit the trail running.   Pun intended!

Here is the current progress with 2 weeks into the month.  I should also note that November I did not run at all.  The schedule below has me at 116 miles for the month. The extra 16 is a nice buffer since I knew it would be slow going for a few weeks with a no run November.  If I hit all projected miles the last two  weeks of the  month I’ll be at 113 miles.  All the miles so far except 3 have been outside.  The coldest run was -1 last month for 5 miles.



I hope the winter is treating you all well and you are ready for 2014 ultra season!

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