Knee Injury Update

Posted by on July 22, 2013

I have not been running much at all since the NF 50 mile. I think only two runs to be exact. After a week of vacation post race the knee was feeling just fine. I attempted a run two Monday’s ago. Ran about 4 miles and after the run the knee felt like it did right after the 50 mile. Very painful but reserved to a specific part of my knee cap. Very painful on the top inside of the knee cap. No pain inside of the knee at all. No pain on the sides or below the knee cap.

I decided to take another week off of running but I have been biking. Biking gives me no problems at all. So the issue has to be impact related that is aggravating things. After another week of resting I ran on Sunday with my wife. After the first 1.5 miles it started acting up. Not as bad as the previous Monday run but still painful. After I stopped running there was no chance of running any more that day. I iced it and stayed off of the leg as much as possible. Within 24 hours is feels fine to walk and bend the knee. That is the same it felt after the first run a week ago. I feel like I could go run right now. But I know it will act up after the first mile.

Here is a photo of my knee and I have circled the issue area.


The pain during and after running is entirely on the surface of my knee cap. It never extends past the circle I drew for the photo. I’m convinced that I just tore the ligaments attached to the knee cap. I should also point out that I had swelling after the race but nothing after the first week post race. I also never had any bruising at all.

So another week is my guess of light activity and hope the pain keeps receding.

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One Response to Knee Injury Update

  1. Erik

    Ed, take it easy, ice and all that fun stuff, like you said. If it doesn’t go away after a couple more weeks, head to a PT/Dr!