Custom Medal Display

Posted by on May 1, 2013

I decided to create a custom medal display this week. It cost $15 for everything. Here is my parts list:

  • Wood shelf from Salvation Army: $8.00
  • Can of spray paint: $3.14
  • Curtain Rod: $3.89

There is plenty of room for years to come. Below is a series of photos that I took along the way.

20130501-203319.jpg 20130501-203326.jpg 20130501-203411.jpg 20130501-203418.jpg 20130501-203426.jpg 20130501-203432.jpg 20130501-203443.jpg 20130501-203452.jpg 20130501-203458.jpg 20130501-203505.jpg

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5 Responses to Custom Medal Display

  1. Erik

    I love it! I built mine out of some left over white pine, red paint, a silver marker and some left over drawer knobs. I do like your idea with having the shelf part on top…I may have another project to give myself for the summer…

  2. Adam Stauffer

    Ed, Looks great! Great Idea with the shelf too!

  3. Ed

    Thanks guys. I came home from work tonight and love it even more.

  4. Sadye

    Looks really nice and actually doable for someone who’s not especially DIY-inclined (*cough me cough*).

    • Ed

      Thanks. Only tools needed were a screwdriver to put the curtain rod on the bottom.