Winter Failures and Spring Sputtering

Posted by on April 17, 2013

Well, things have not been going very well in the training department for me since last winter. No major injuries or anything like that. I just seem to have taken my eye off the prize I guess. Things are picking up now and I am feeling great. Not a lot of miles under me as I approach my first race of 2013 this weekend. A relativly easy distance with a trail marathon.

As limited as the weekly miles have been this spring I am feeling really strong mentally. I know what to expect this year. Last year every race was a mystery. Despite not being were I want to be with my milage or my weight right now I am not worried about the race this weekend. I’m approaching it low key as a long training day.

I went back to Daily Mile and pulled comparison data on weekly miles. The first chart is 10-2011 to 4-2012. The second one is 10-2012 to 4-2013.



As you can see from the comparison things are sputtering right now and have been for some time. My strategy right now is to come into the race season as a lamp and leaving as a lyon. I have two big 50 mile races this year with The North Face in WI again and the North Fork in CO. I need to be back in race shape by June!

I have a few simple goals for the race this weekend. Try not to fall is first and foremost. I fell over 20 time last year in this same race. It was the first race that I ran that had major roots and rocks on the path. It felt like nothing leveled out and become smooth until after mile 17. At that point I never fell again. But up to that point I lost count with 20 falls. 20! My second goal is to not injure myself. With all the falls last year it tore up my knee pretty bad. I almost DNF’ed and shed a few tears around mile 18. So this year no falls = no injury, I am hoping anyway. Last, I want to PR. I did the trail marathon distance, my first last year, in about 5:30. Not sure exact time but I want a 5 hour finish at least this year. Anything sub 5 would be outstanding. This is the first trail race where I have some kind of pervious effort to gage it against. I will have Garmin data to look at and pace myself against this year.

I know it has been a while since I have had an update but race season is here so you can expect more frequent updates now.

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