First Colorado Ultra – North Fork 50m

Posted by on January 16, 2013

Last night I pulled the trigger and signed up for the North Fork 50m ultra. This will be my first CO ultra at a decent altitude to turn my lungs inside out. I have no way to train at the altitude that would normally be needed for this. I run at about 1000′ here in Iowa. One reason I decided to register was the altitude is only 4000 – 8000′. Only!

We go out to CO every summer and have done numerous day hikes and overnight backpacking trips. I know that what to expect and have been up to 13,000′ before. I think I can manage peaking out at 8,000′ with the majority around 6,000′. I normally have a 50 pound backpack weighing me down so mentally I should be in a good place.

I plan to go out a week early so I will get a chance to acclimate a little bit. I think I can work remote for my job and then get in a few hikes in the evening. I’ll make sure to get up to 8,000′ and get in some light running. That is about the best I can hope to do. With 5+ months to build up my mileage I don’t expect the physical to be too bad but getting enough oxygen will be. I will also get in a few 50k races prior to the big 50m.

Last year there were 78 50m finishers and 105 finishers in the 50k event. That is a decent sized race without being too big so I am really excited about being able to run this. We will also use the time to plan our family vacation around the event. It should be stress free knowing that I will have the week after the race to just hang out with the family.

Here are a few photos I pulled off their website from their 2012 race. I can’t wait to experience the views for myself and take some photos.

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