Post 50 Mile Ankle/Shin Update

Posted by on September 24, 2012

As I mention in my race update from the North Face Endurance Challenge I did something to my lower shin/upper ankle.  It has now been 8 days since the race so I thought I give a quick update.

What a different a weeks makes.  I can now walk normal and only have a little tenderness on the injured area. I did go to the doctor the a week ago. He said he thought is was tendonitis and give me some anti-inflammatory meds.  The meds seem to help after about 2 days of taking them every 6 hours.

Here are a few photos.  These are my feet right after the race. Very dirty and very tired. You can’t really see much a difference in my ankles but the left on sure did hurt.


These next two photos are immediately after showering the day of the race.  You can see in this photo the really red area on my lower shin. This is exactly where the injury is.  It got a little bruised almost immediately after the race. Almost like I broke blood vessels in that area.  It never did get full black and blue like you might expect for a bruise.  Keep in mind that I never turned my ankle or hit my shin on anything during the race.   Swelling is nothing like it would get to over the next 48 hours after this photo.



This photo below is from the Monday after the race in the doctor’s office. You could see no definition in my ankle at all. No tendons when I flexed the foot or ankle bones on either side of my foot.  Freakishly swollen!


Today a week after the photo above I can walk without issue but not run.  All swelling appears to be down but the front shin is still sore. I have it a good run down yesterday that hurt but it felt good today after I did that.  I think by this weekend thing will be even less painful to the touch and just about normal.  I hope to attempt a run but I won’t fully test it for another 2 weeks.  That is the plan anyway.  If anything changes I post it otherwise I will follow up when I think things are back to normal.

If anyone has had something similar let me know.  Right now it is a mystery as to what I did.

2 Responses to Post 50 Mile Ankle/Shin Update

  1. Jeff

    I have a similar issue. Was wondering how long it took to recover from? I have not run in two weeks, although, I have not rested either, have been cycling, walking and even snowshoeing (not the best idea). I have a 50K about four weeks away and am not sure if I’ll be ready to run. My weekly mileage prior to my injury was between 55-65 miles. Really bummed out that the swelling has not gone down. Dr said the MRI showed a stress reaction, not a fracture. Pain was originally very acute, now it feels more like shin splints. Any advice or information on your recovery would be appeciated.

  2. Ed

    It took 3-4 weeks before I was back to normal. It never happened again.