27 Confidence Building Miles

Posted by on August 18, 2012


I had a late start today but mission accomplished in the end. I had Terra drive me down to Martinsdale, IA and drop me off. Martinsdale is 19 miles from our house but I planned to get in a 25-30 miles before I was done. Everything worked out great. I took 1 gel every 2 miles. At Mile 12 I had an energy bar. At around mile 19 when I finally hit some single track trails instead of running on the side of the bike path in the dirt and gravel I took blox. When I hit mile 22 I started to head home knowing I had a sold 5-6 miles left. The last 5 were running in the light rain and it felt great despite the first real concrete miles. The concrete took its toll on my legs and back.

This was the longest training run I have ever done. I stopped around mile 9 for my first aid station in Cummings, IA. Next stop was at Orlando’s around mile 17. Each time I filled up on water and hit the road again. I did stop the Garmin at each of those pit stops since I really did not have control over how long it took me in both cases. Each of the those stops was a bars. Final stop was around mile 21 and I bought a Gator Aid at a gas station. Drank that then back on the road. The last 6 miles I hit some intersections I also stopped the watch for while I waited for traffic. Total time is less than an hour on top of the Garmin time I would guess.

I rolled to the house and was happy with over 27 miles. 30 would have been nice but the rain was picking up and I was more than happy with how the run went. I had the energy to push on over 30 so I banked that in my head for the extra confidence with 4 weeks until the big race.

Terra has made two comments over the past couple of weeks about my 50 mile race coming up. I could tell she was questioning my mojo ability to complete it. I have done the same inside my own head. Today’s run was my attempt to get that out of my head. I feel much more confident and ready to push through the last 4 weeks now. If I can recreate today’s feeling then I will have no problem beating the only two cut off times for the 50 mile race. Right now I am feeling the confidence but I know the last 15 is really going to hurt but I am up for it.

Oh, I forgot. I wore my Nathan vest and it weighed in at 6 pounds. Yes, I jumped on the scale with it before I left. Yikes! I will be wearing a hydration belt for the race and only a few 10 oz bottles and gels. Way less weight. Having that much weight was also a confidence builder knowing I won’t be close to that race day.

Perfect weather today. Cloudy and rather cool. Wore my Altra Lone Peaks.

About to grab a Fat Tire and watch The Hunger Games in the home theater with the family. We might be the last people on earth that did not see it in the theater.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far and blasting through all your runs or two wheel adventures!

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2 Responses to 27 Confidence Building Miles

  1. Erik

    Awesome run, Ed and with the big pack to boot! As for Hunger Games, we saw it last night for the first time as well in the comfort of our home, so you weren’t the last. Best of luck with your continued training! You’re ready.

  2. Ed

    Thanks Erik. I’m feeling pretty good today. Going to see how a recovery run feels later in the afternoon.