New Altra Lone Peaks Arrived

Posted by on August 9, 2012

My new Lone Peaks arrived this week.  These are my second pair with the first one lasting about 400 miles.  Tuesday I took out the new kicks to Center Trail and got in 10 miles in them.  I can feel the difference in the brand new ones and my old pair.  The cushion is not as compacted as my worn pair.  They feel just a little more cushioned I guess.  There really is no break in period to Altra shoes since they have plenty of room in the shoes that I have never had a blister from them.  They are known for their room toe box.  Any other shoes would give me blisters taking them on a 10 mile run right out of the box.


Here is a quick photo of the trail from my Tuesday run.


I jumped up on to the hard stuff as I made my loop back to the car after about 7 miles.  I dropped back into the woods and dirt just about at the end of trail as far as you can see in the photo for another 3 miles back to the car.


I was greeted with this wonderful sunset before I was finished for the night.


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