Pushing Tired Muscles

Posted by on August 7, 2012

I often spend a couple of hours a week looking on the web for training tips, advice, training plans for running ultras. I have so much to learn so this is a great way for me to learn from what other have done before me.  Here is something so basic that you don’t realize it until you read it or experience it.  I pulled this off the http://www.hawaiianshirtray.com/.  The advice came from his Pushing Tired Muscles tips.

Here is the secret to a successful 50 mile training program; push tired muscles.  You need to get comfortable pushing muscles that have not recovered from yesterdays long run. Keep this in mind, during your 50 mile training program you will never be as tired as you will be when you are actually racing.  So, when you are pushing tired muscles during training, you need to tell yourself when you start to cry-babying, that this is not even close to what it will feel like on race day.

I need to keep this in mind when the going gets tough on training runs. I have a feeling that this weekend I am going to need this. I plan to write it on some paper and read it to myself when I am about half way through the training run.

Also, you don’ t need to be an aspiring ultra running for this to hold water.  It is accurate for whatever your running limits are. My wife is racing her first 5k this weekend and I plan to share this with her.

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