Altra Instinct 1.5 and Superior

Posted by on July 31, 2012

I ordered new shoes today. I hope to have them in two weeks. These are photos of the new Altra Instinct 1.5 and the new Altra Superior trail shoes. The Superior do not replace the Lone Peaks. They are just an alternative lighter trail shoe.

I ordered the orange Instinct 1.5 and the Superior. Can’t wait to get them since my Lone Peaks need to be retired and I really don’t have a road shoes I like to put any decent miles into. I used my Lone Peaks for more than trail running and they paid the price. I only got about 350 miles out of them. I will be posting a photo update of the wear on the Lone Peaks. In defence of Altra I used my Lone Peaks for road, grass, gravel, and trail. Trained and raced in them so they took a lot of abuse. The road work put a lot of wear on the tread. Way more than should be expected of them since they are a trail shoe. Look for my Lone Peak 300+ mile update later this week.

I do have a connection to order the new shoes from Altra so if you want a couple of pairs let me know and I can point you in the right direction. You can be the first on your block to be rocking the new Altras!

Instinct 1.5 in orange. Awesome!

The Superior light weight (compared to the Lone Peaks) trail shoes.  They are pretty different compared to the Lone Peaks. These just look faster with the non-flat sole. The tread is a lot different as well. Not as aggressive as the Lone Peaks.  This should be fine for the Midwest races that I do.

As soon as they arrive I will get up a quick review and initial thoughts on the new kicks.

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8 Responses to Altra Instinct 1.5 and Superior

  1. Ron Heerkens Jr

    WHAT?! Where did you find the Superiors?!

  2. Brent P.

    I’m trying to determine if the 1.5 has the same exact footbed as the original Instinct? For me the Instinct is too cushioned and the Samson isn’t cushioned enough.

    • Dan Stoner (@thatlinuxbox)

      Hi Brent –
      The 1.5 sole is similar thickness to the original Instinct but I believe is missing the soft foam. This makes them not as “squishy” feeling under foot but also makes them a little less flexible. I run without any of the removable inserts installed.

  3. Fitz

    I’m very anxious for The Superior. Can’t wait. When you do get ’em can you let us know how they compare to the Instinct in sizing and last?

    Brent, Have you played around with the footbeds? I find the options between the two bed and the two shoes really make a difference.

  4. Ed

    Okay, now I am bumbed out. Just found out that the size 14 in the Instinct 1.5 won’t be available until Aug. 21st. Sad, but that is the good news. The worst news is that the Superiors won’t be around until late Sept.


    My Lone Peaks won’t last any longer so I need to make a decision. Buy another pair or get another brand of shoes. My first 50 mile ulta is Sept. 14 weekend. I think I will have to get another pair of Lone Peaks and wait until I can get the Superiors in my size later this year.

    Well, that is not all bad really. I know the Lone Peaks will give me what I want for my 50 milers. I am also going to have to suck it up and get the Instincts 1.0 version for now I guess to keep me running. I just can’t bring myself to buying another brand and waiting until those die out before getting my hands on the Instinct 1.5.

  5. Ed

    Update to the update…..

    I called Altra directly and Shazam! They had the Instincts 1.5 size 14 in stock. I ordeded them and have confirmation number. I hope they really are in stock and ship in the next few days! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. michaelp

    After some down hill bombing during a race over rocky terrain this weekend, I’m looking for some help. These new trail shoes from Altra look great. But 2013? That forever. Well, although my local store can’t seem to keep the S Lab Sense in stock, but that’s my alternative.

  7. michaelp

    by the way, got a pair of the Instinct 1.5’s on my feet this morning. Going to wear them around at work today and then do a 10 mile run home. They are not too heavy (I am used to Bikila’s and MT00’s) and should give my feet just enough mercy, although street running is so gentle compared to trails.