Weight Check

Posted by on July 30, 2012

I seem to have rounded another corner and started a weight loss cycle. I tend to plateau for a few weeks then drop a few pounds, then plateau again. My morning weight is staying pretty consistent at 196 which is down from a few weeks ago of 202. I am hoping that the loss continues down to 190 before it plateaus again.


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2 Responses to Weight Check

  1. Erik

    Just keep at it and it’ll come!!

    • Ed

      Slowly but surly it is coming off. I told my wife that it will take another year before I am were I wanted to be. She looked at me a little crazy wondering why I think it would take that long. I just can’t diet for the sake of losing weight if I want to continue to run. I need to eat to keep energy up so I am happy with a really slow process to drop fat and put on muscle.