2012 Week 31 Recap

Posted by on July 30, 2012

After a week off for our annual Colorado vacation I jumped back on the horse this week. Mileage is a little low but I will build it back up this week and next.

Running miles was only 29 with a few extra miles of bike commuting. I was pretty happy with two 10 mile runs on back to back weekend days. I had pretty tired legs on Sunday so it was a mental challenge the get in the full 10 that I wanted.

Last week was also the beginning of some new weight training. A few weeks ago I picked up a Bowflex adjustable dumbbell system and bench. I started the last week with a few super set routines. Mostly upper body to lost some upper body fat. I will start in this week with some leg work as well. I think by the end of this week I should have a solid super set routine that I am follow 3-4 days a week. If you missed the post on my excellent dumbbell find on Craigslist check it out here. I picked up $1000 worth of gear for $200.  This is a photo of the system below.

I am seven weeks out from my North Face 50 mile race. All kinds of thought are going through my mind. A handful of them negative since I know this is going to be a stretch for me this year. Over the next few weeks I will be squeezing the negative and doubt out of my head and try to be more positive.

July is my one year anniversary of joining Daily Mile. I have now been running for at least a year on a regular basis. Yea Me! If you bike, run, or do any kind of regular fitness I can’t tell you how much an advantage it is to log your miles or activity on Daily Mile. I am looking forward to many more years and eventually doing a 100 miles race.

That is all for this week.  I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying the summer.

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2 Responses to 2012 Week 31 Recap

  1. Erik

    You’ll get it done! Great first week back from vacation!! I am jealous of that weight set. If I did stuff besides running regularly I might stalk craiglist for one

    • Ed

      I still can’t believe I picked it up for only $200. Still pumped about it.