Psycho Psummer 50k Per-race Update

Posted by on July 12, 2012

I got an email from Bad Ben the race director with some final race information for Saturday’s 50k. Here are the aid station details. They have added in a few unstaffed stations due to the heat.

Unstaffed Water-only Station Mile 1.2
Staffed Full Aid (Road Crossing) Mile 2.9
Unstaffed Water-only Station Mile 4.0
Staffed Full Aid (Shelter 11) Mile 6.0
Staffed Full Aid (Shelter 14) Mile 7.9
Staffed Full Aid (Shelter 10) Mile 8.5
Unstaffed Water-only Station Mile 9.0
Staffed Full Aid (Start/Finish) Mile 10.5

I plan to run with one handheld water bottle.  I bought some new shorts that have mesh pockets all across the back. So I will also carry 5 gels each lap and a few s-caps. Despite all the aid stations there is a mandatory rule that we must carry a hydration device. No water bottle or pack and they will disqualify you. Unstaffed aid stations will also not have any cups. I am expecting 3 hours into the race at 11 AM it will be pretty hot.

No pavement and almost 95% cover throughout the course. No radiant heat off the roads so the heat might be bearable. The weather report is for 98/76. By the time I roll into the finish line it will be hot regardless. I hope there is access to jump in the lake when I finish.

I am really excited about the race for a couple of reasons. First it has 10 mile, 20 mile and 50k runners. The 50k start at 8:00 and the rest of the runners at 9:00. With an hour head start I will feel like people are chasing me. I just might run a little quicker. Second the course is a 10 mile loop.

By Midwest standards I think this is considered a hilly course. You never really know what that means but I am expecting it to have more hills than I have run in a race before. Lots of ups and down to get the lungs wondering what is going on. The 50k distance has a little over 1200 ft gain and loss.  Click the image for a bigger version.

What I am really excited about the 10 mile loop. The family can just chill out and let me make my three loops. They might make a trip to see me at one of the other aid stations but I’m expect them to just hang out and enjoy the day. The best part of the 3 loops is I can really get a good idea of my time. I can easily tell how long each 10 mile split takes me. Another plus is that after the first loop I know what to epect for the rest of the race.  No more fear or anxiant of what is ahead of me. I think this will really play towards a faster pace. This is only my second 50k but it feels like I know what I am doing. My first 50k in March was in the six and a half hour range.  Anything less than that is a plus but I really want to try to kill that time. The goal is 6 hours but with the hills and heat I don’t know if that is possible for me right now.  The #1 goal is run within my means, no fast starting and most importantly no tripping or falling.  The tripping and falling killed me at my trail marathon. If I can stay upright on this course then I expect to run well.

The big difference with this race is that I am not stepping off the bridge with eyes closed for fear of the unknow. I am taking a running start and jumping off of it eyes wide open. I am ready to enjoy the pain of what I know is coming and land two feet on the ground.  The icing on the cake no matter what happens is that we are heading out to Colorado for 7 days right after I get this race done!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  It doesn’t matter if you are racing this weekend or out for a brisk walk. Keep moving forward no matter what!

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6 Responses to Psycho Psummer 50k Per-race Update

  1. Erik

    98? Crap! I would say not to worry about the PR and go for feeling good throughout and finishing feeling good (you are going on vacation right after- you wouldn’t want to delay it y needing IV from a hospital/ ambulance!!). Mandatory hydration system with this weather sounds like a great idea on their part. Bring extra bottles in case anyone forgets (maybe you have some old ones laying around?)! It’s also a great idea that they added the extra stations as well. Best of luck! Enjoy it and your vacation after!!

  2. Ron Heerkens Jr

    Looks like its going to be a fun race day for you. Enjoy it and hydrate well, you will do well.

  3. HermanTurnip

    Question: What’s an “s-cap”? Doesn’t sound like something particularly appetizing….

    • Ed

      Salt pills. I take 2 every hour under hot conditions.

      • HermanTurnip

        Ahhh! *face palm* Totally makes sense now. I’m guessing that they’re used when you can’t down Gatorade during the run? I might just have to try them out. Thanks again for a great tip!

  4. Ed

    Gatoraid has not been at a single race this year. Heed seems to be the drink of choice.