Weekend Motivation

Posted by on July 11, 2012

For all of you going into your weekend long run or racing here is a little motivation for you.

I am thinking of printing this first one off and having my son give it to me on my last 10 mile lap at my 50k Saturday.



This photo is not running related but just look at it. I mean really! At what point do you say, “I got this wave.” I hope everyone just once can say that about something. That wave for me would have to be a 100 mile race. I am years away from it but some day I will catch that wave


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2 Responses to Weekend Motivation

  1. Ryan

    So psyched for the race this weekend! That wave, for me is a 50k trail run 🙂

    Love the blog, your honesty and please leave that sign out for the other runners on the last loop. That’s the type of thing to propel you forward in a moment of fear and soreness.

  2. Ed

    Ryan, make sure you come back and shoot me an epdate on your race. Looking foward to hearing about it.