Building an Ultra Kit

Posted by on July 10, 2012

Today I hit the local sporting goods store looking for a clear case. I want to build an ultra race kit. Part med-kid, part fuel-kit, part unknown. I hit the fishing department looking at their fishing lure boxes. Most of the fishing boxes were two thin. After a little looking and testing the boxes of gels I was also buying but I finally managed to find one deep enough. I figured gels boxes would be the largest item I’d want in the ultra kit.

Here is a photo of the box empty. You can see if has three adjustable compartments.


Here is a photo with a few things added. The typical stuff like gels, pills, moleskin, Bodyglide, Stinger Waffles, a little pack of various meds and ointments.


I ended up getting a water proof box. I figured I going to get rained on sooner or later at a race so why not.

Here is a couple of photos with the box closed and upside down. I like that the entire box is clear so I can see things without opening it up.



I plan to find some smaller containers for s-caps and Advil. I’m not sure what else I’ll add to this but over time i will get it dialed in and then create a checklist to refill each race. If you have any suggestions of must haves post a comment.

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6 Responses to Building an Ultra Kit

  1. Jake

    Ed, these guys have a lot of small containers I use for backpacking, hiking, traveling, and running…

    • Ed

      Hey Jake, I will check those out. I need a few small ones. Thanks!

  2. Ron Heerkens Jr

    Ed! I love it, I have two sitting in the back of my jeep. One is main aid, the other holds seasonal items and extra clothes, blankets etc. Didn’t think about grabbing one of those style boxes, I just grabbed some bins from walmart. They are a godsend when you can run back to your car and grab whatever you need.

    I use the some old small long cyclinder advil bottles (2.5-3inch long, small round) that I throw scaps in. Usually have enough that can fit in for the run and its small enough to take with me on my pack. That way I can leave the big bottle and refil when needed.

    I think we need to host a “what’s in your aid kit” series!

    • Ed

      My race this weekend is a 50k with 2 10 mile loops. So I’ll get to pass by the family at least 3 times. I figure they can have this ready for me to grab gels and stuff out of. They can be ready for me. 🙂

  3. Erik

    Ed, I love that idea!! Even when I hit the trail for long runs, I tend to run back to my car to change out bottles, so this would be a good option for me as well. For small bottles, I’d use old medicine ones as well like Ron mentioned. I already have a really small one that I put s-caps and ginger chews in for a smal compartment on my handheld or in a hydration pack when I use it.

  4. dan

    that looks pretty sweet! i’d add the 2 pill packs of advil. i find them at gas stations. also, duct tape. where in colorado will you be? maybe we can meet up for a run.