2012 Week 28 Recap

Posted by on July 10, 2012

This week was pretty fantastic not for the any significant mileage. I dropped down into the 30’s as I start to taper for the 50k. But I did have three runs that were just incredible. If I can harness that same feeling for my 50k I will be gold. Here is a graphic from Daily Mile on this weekly mileage. These are all running with no biking.

My last run of the week was incredible. I wanted to go much further but cut it short since I knew the 50k was less than a week away. On the surface I am feeling really good going into the race but under my skin I know I have not done enough long runs. But I really don’t have any worries. I am much more mentally tough that I might be physically. I know I can run the 50k without much issue if I can keep from tripping on rocks and roots. I will get to the 20 mile mark and it will start to hurt. But I also know that I can knock out the last 10+ miles. I’m as ready as ever. Plus I have no stress since I am on vacation the following week. Heading to Colorado. Woot!

So here is to the taper weeks. You have to love them. The universe somehow comes together and things start to work right.

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