2012 Week 27 Recap

Posted by on July 2, 2012

Anther solid week for my training. I am feeling pretty good right now with no injuries to complain about. What was bothering my right knee is gone. I think I figured out a way to combat it. Before and after runs I have been using a roller on my leg muscles. I can’t really explain why but any knee pain I did have went away in about a day after a roller session. Using the roller takes me just a few minutes and I really like the results.

With 41 running miles this week I would have liked to be up in the high 40’s but I am happy with my effort. No biking this week.

One thing to note is that the heat is impacting my ability to get in a 20 mile weekend run. I am not a morning runner so I won’t do 4 AM runs let along 7 AM runs. I really believe there is some benefit to all this hot evening running. I think it makes me rough mentally for sure. You reach the wall sooner than later in a hot run. For some reason I really like sweating like a dog in the heat. I expect the benefits to be mostly mental. I was trying to do some research on running in the heat to see if there was any documented advantages. Man, I have to say that marathon runners complain about the heat all the time. Every post I could find was a session in complaining about the heat. One of the posts at Runner’s World I read was as follows.

I am sorry but if you can’t run a race in 80’s then you are a baby. Stay inside on your treadmill and the air condition and out of my way.

Two weeks left before the next 50k. It is going to be a hot one down in KS. The race is around a lake so I am looking forward to cooling off by jumping in the cool water. I don’t know if there will be an opportunity to do so during the race but I plan to make it happen afterwards for sure.

I will reduce mileage this week to the low 30’s as I glide into the race on July 14th. I am also starting a week of vacation the week after the race so we will be heading to CO right away. I am looking forward to the time off.

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