Psycho Summer 50k: Registered

Posted by on June 19, 2012

I finally registered for the Psycho Summer 50k today. This race is another Run Nerds event down in the Kansas City area. The course is a hilly single track route that I guess is really easy to get lost on if the trails are not properly marked. The race director Ben warned me that even with a GPS track I would not be able to figure out the route if I went down to KC and tried to get in a practice loop. Ben told me to let him know when I would be down there and maybe he could find me someone to run with. I’d really like to get in a lap before the event. I don’t have to run the exact route but I’d like to get familiar with the terrain.

So far this summer I have raced a two trail races at 50k and 26.2 miles and one 20k road race. In all three cases they were my first time running that particular race distance. Since I am new to ultra running every race I do this year will be a completely new experience for me. I have been thinking that it will be nice next year to race a course that I have run before. The Psycho Summer 50k will again be a brand new course for me.

I am worried a little at the Psycho Summer 50k since the race is down in Kansas City and I am well familiar with the heat down there. KC in less than 200 miles south from us but it is a world of difference with the dry heat. It is starting to get more difficult to run here in Iowa with the summer heat just now starting to get up into the 90’s. With the Kansas heat I am expecting the Psycho Summer 50k to be my biggest challenge yet.

I don’t have a problem staying hydrated but there are a few other factors that I need to start thinking about. Replacing my electrolytes is the biggest of them. I have not implemented a s-cap routine into my long runs yet. That needs to change quick. I have only taken s-caps in one race and they gave me gut pains. I was not taking enough water with them. I’ll be picking a bottle of s-caps this week and trying to figure out how they impact my long runs.

I am still thinking about a 50 mile race in September. I need to just commit to it and stop worrying about it. Having not tested myself over a 31 mile race the 50 mile scares me more than just a little. I think that is a good thing since I am not taking the 50 mile distance lightly by any means. I would just really like to notch a 50 mile mark on my ultra stick this year. I am sure I will make a decision in the next couple of weeks.

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