2012 Week 25 Recap

Posted by on June 18, 2012

This week was a decent mileage week. Nothing too taxing with 29 miles running and about 11 mountain biking. Sunday was the only day I would have liked to get another run in. We were traveling so not much I could do about it. Here is my weekly review.

The weekly long run was 15 miles on Saturday. I was hoping for 20 but we had a craft beer festival to attend later in the afternoon. It was getting really hot out so I cut the run by 5 miles.  The long run went well but it started to get really hot around mile 10 so it is a grind after that.  I really need to keep up the long runs on the weekend.  I don’t want to miss any long runs until my next ultra second week in July.


Other than a few nagging injuries in my foot and hamstring I am feeling really good about my body right now. I still can’t get down below 200 but I feel strong.  I’m looking forward to this week since the weather is going to be incredible!

Happy trails and I hope everyone has a great week running.

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