Virtual Trail Panorama: Trees Down

Posted by on June 14, 2012

Recently running on my local trails I came across a great part of the trail with a tree down and covering the trail. It was big and bent enough that I could run right under it. It makes for a perfect virtual trail panorama today.

The panorama might take a minute to load. You can click and hold to move the view around the scene. You can also double click on the viewer to zoom in. Double click again to zoom back out. You can also make the panorama go full screen if you click the circle/arrow icon in the upper right corner of the viewer.

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2 Responses to Virtual Trail Panorama: Trees Down

  1. Randy Green

    Thats cool Ed. I am going to try out that DMD Panorama app at the lake this weekend.

    • Ed

      Shoot me the link when you do. Make sure it has a beer in it. 🙂