2012 Week 24 Recap

Posted by on June 10, 2012

Running miles was 45. Total miles with biking was 70. I am a little bummed that I did not achieve my 50 mile running week. I won’t have another week like this last one for a good while. I’ll drop back to the 30+ mile weeks now. 5 weeks before my next ultra. I’d love one of those weeks to be another high 40 miles running week. Maybe I’ll get lucky and pop a 50 who knows.

My knee seems to be back to normal. Still fighting a foot issue but I am just driving through it. No time to stop and see if it heals 100%. Isn’t that what the off-season is for?

I’ll try to do a weekly recap starting with this week. These will help me get a grip on my training or lack of training.

Relentless forward progress!

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One Response to 2012 Week 24 Recap

  1. Ron Heerkens Jr

    That’s precisely why I do them, not to see what I am doing, but more of what I’m not. I tend to focus too much on the negative aspects of training and find that the recap (even though for me personally) helps me cope with the ups/downs of the training. Plus it helps to keep me honest.