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50k 3 Week Countdown

My next 50k ultra is 3 weeks away. Yikes! I am feeling good about my training the last couple of weeks leading up to now. My running mileage has been 45, 40, and 40 over the last three weeks.  I also have some cross-training biking miles in there as well. I can’t seem to follow a … Continue reading »

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2012 Week 26 Recap

This was a decent week for training.  I hit 40 miles again.  Saturday was a bad day with rain all day and allergies acting up. Otherwise, it would have been close to a 50 mile week. I am three weeks out from my next ultra. Another 50k down in Kansas. It is going to be … Continue reading »

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Running Music: Mic Check 1234!

If you are not familar with Max Tannone you are missing out on some great free music. I love running to his mashups. He has made some of the best mix albums to ever bless your hearphones. Who can forget Jaydiohead (Jay-Z + Radiohead = Jaydiohead) and MosDub (Mos Def mixed to dub reggae music). … Continue reading »

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Photo of the Day: First Trail Run

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Flat Rock 50k Video

After finding this video it makes me more than ever want to run the Flat Rock 50k this year. The event is down in Independance, MO. so it is an easy event when it come to travel.

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Benefits of Trail Running

I started following a new blog this week. Adam M. is on Daily Mile and has a blog at He an an ultra brother than is very similar to me in that he is somewhat new in this ultra running adventure. He also has a pretty nice running streak going.

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Psycho Summer 50k: Registered

I finally registered for the Psycho Summer 50k today. This race is another Run Nerds event down in the Kansas City area. The course is a hilly single track route that I guess is really easy to get lost on if the trails are not properly marked. The race director Ben warned me that even … Continue reading »

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2012 Week 25 Recap

This week was a decent mileage week. Nothing too taxing with 29 miles running and about 11 mountain biking. Sunday was the only day I would have liked to get another run in. We were traveling so not much I could do about it. Here is my weekly review. The weekly long run was 15 … Continue reading »

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Virtual Trail Panorama: Trees Down

Recently running on my local trails I came across a great part of the trail with a tree down and covering the trail. It was big and bent enough that I could run right under it. It makes for a perfect virtual trail panorama today.

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Virtual Trail Panorama: Bikers

Today’s panorama has a few bikers on the local trails with me. I was out running and took out my iPhone trying to capture them as they passed me. I managed to get two of the bikers in the pano but it was a group of about 7 bikers.

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