Photo of the day: Start of something good

Posted by on April 11, 2012


This is usually were I start my Tuesday trail runs. I can park less than ten feet from this spot.

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2 Responses to Photo of the day: Start of something good

  1. Ron Heerkens Jr

    Nice! How are your trail systems? Are they maintained well, what type of terrain? I find it nice to be able to have access to many a trail very close, we are lucky!

  2. Ed

    We have a pretty nice trail system throughout the city that is maintained by the Central Iowa Trails Association. In the summer the trails only need to be mowed every couple months. There is enough traffic on them that the mountain bikers and runners keep them in great shape.

    I run at an area call Center Trail. It is about 12-15 miles of trail before needing to repeat anything. All single track which is so nice. It is pretty fast and flat. One section is a hilly area so I can still get in some lung busting work if needed. Center Trail is only 5 miles from my house so it is something I can run to or drive to. This weekend if it is nice enough I plan to run down, then do 10 trail miles, then run back. That will give me a nice 20+ mile long run. There are seveal other trail systems in the city as well. Some of them I have never run before. I am sure that will change this summer.

    I have lots of photos from Center in this post Ron. Check them out.