Feet are toast

Posted by on April 3, 2012

I have no clue what happened tonight. 10 miles in my New Balance MT110s and all hell broke loose. Four blisters. One of them bloody. Ouch.

My speed took a dip after mile 6. Up until then feet were fine. Then things fell apart with little hot spots. I did not know the blister on my Achilles was that bad until I stopped.


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4 Responses to Feet are toast

  1. Erik

    Ow! Jeez!! Had you had any hot spots in the MT110’s before? Body glide!! I tend to put that on areas where I feel hot spots regularly before many runs! I haven’t had issues since I started using it.

  2. Mike Place

    Happens to me all the time in those shoes. When dust/dirt builds up in the heel cup, the ankle gets ripped open. Gaiters might help but I haven’t experimented much.

  3. Jay Austin

    I am not liking my mt110s at all. The upper is cut way too high for me and they really put a ton of pressure on my Achilles. I haven’t had any problems with blisters though just discomfort …
    That said, I won’t be surprised if I get some on my next long run in cuevas …

  4. Ron Heerkens Jr

    Wow! That’s some serious foot killing! Was the back of your heal open or did it have a sock on it? I’ve switched over to the Inijini socks (pain in the butt to get on) and throw some vaseline on the toes and heal before putting them on. No probs on long distance yet. Hope you were able to find a solution