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Hawkeye 25k/50k Route & Elevation

This is the route and elevation for this weekend’s Hawkeye 25k and 50k race.   This is a 15 mile lap so one lap for the 25k’ers and two for the 50k racers.  I have not see an elevation profile yet for the race so I used GPS Visualizer to generate the elevation profile for me.  It … Continue reading »

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Calorie Buring Mystery

This weekend I did my first decent length ride of 2012. It is common for me to get in one 100 mile ride and several 20-80 mile rides over the summer.  This weekend it was a short of 42 miles. After I was done I started to think about the difference there are between riding and running. … Continue reading »

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Nathan Endurance Running Pack Review

My Nathan Endurance pack arrived today from Running Warehouse. I can’t seem to get comfortable running with water bottles in my hands so I needed something to wear other than a CamelBak that I use for mountain biking. The CamelBak is just too heavy to lug around for my long runs. I am also a … Continue reading »

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10 reasons why I can wait to run/ride Iowa trails

I can’t wait for spring and the dirt trails to dry up in our area. I decided to go back and get 10 of my favorite trail photos I have taken over the years. These happen to all be out in the Center Trail area of Des Moines. The trails are maintained by the CITA … Continue reading »

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Run Update 3.6.12 – On the War Path

It was absolutely incredible outside today. 75 degree when I left work at 5. I rushed home, changed, and ask my wife to drive me out to Boonville so I could make the back part of my new route my beaaach. Last weekend I had such a terrible time on the second half of my … Continue reading »

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Altra’s ALTRAMANIACS – Proper Race Etiquette

Those wacky ALTRAMANIACS are at it again. This time with some race etiquette.

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Garmin Forerunner 305 Review

I have been using my Garmin 305 for a few months now so it is about time I give a quick review. Prior to using the 305 I used RunMeter on my iPhone for all bike and run tracking. What sparked me to move up to a dedicated gps watch device was the iPhone battery … Continue reading »

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I got 99 problems but my shoes ain’t one

Last Sunday was my planned long run. It has been many weeks since I did a long run of more than 16 miles. In fact the 16 miles I did in AZ that caused my injured foot was the last distance over 10 miles. With clearance from the foot doctor just last week I was … Continue reading »

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Motivational Posters

These are a few motivational posters I found on DailyMile and reposted on my profile page. A handful of people found them inspirational and reposted them on their blogs or DailyMile accounts. I figured I’d put them up here as well for safe keeping in case anyone has not seen them yet. The T.S. Eliot really hits … Continue reading »

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Foot Update – Lipstick is good for the sole

Today I went to see Dr. Mahoney¬†at the Des Moines University Clinic. He was recommended by a Daily Mile friend as being sympathetic to runners with feet problems. I went to my general practice doctor last week and he told me to just stop running if I wanted to get better. I think that’s like … Continue reading »

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