Photo of the Day: Father and Son

Posted by on March 28, 2012

Here is a nice photo of me and my son from the last 50k race. My wife took this one with her iPhone. This was mile 27 and I was hurting at that point. Moments earlier I had just climbed a hill and I think he could tell I was spent. I remember him putting his hand on my should as if to tell me I could do this. Good memory!

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2 Responses to Photo of the Day: Father and Son

  1. HermanTurnip

    I was told that there’d be no math involved here 😉

    Say, what brand of hydration system are you wearing there? I like the pockets. Seems like they’re placed in a more convenient spot than the ones I have on my Camelbak.

  2. Ed

    Nathan Endurance pack. It is way lighter than a Camelbak. See my initial review here