Hawkeye 25/50k

Posted by on March 16, 2012

We arrived in North Liberty, Iowa a few hours a go. I am all registered for the Hawkeye 50k. We checked in to a local hotel, ate at a local pizza joint and are now watching the kids swim. I feel pretty relaxed but my head is filled with a million question.

I am stepping into the unknown tomorrow at 8:00 AM. My first 50k and I have a ton of doubt. I was not able to take my training plan to the end. Injury prevented that. My foot is ready to rock and roll. One of my hamstrings is not.

My goal is to finish without any additional injuries. That is all. No set time is even in my head other than the 8 hour time limit. If I’m not at the halfway point within four hours DNF is guaranteed. But I shouldn’t have any problem with the first 25k. It is the second that will get really interesting. I’ll run my first marathon distance and my first 50k within the same race. Scary!

Race starts at 8:00 AM but parking is not the best I guest. Mu plan it to get to the park just after 6:30. Terra and the kids will be cheering me on all day. If the hammy holds and I am in good mental spirits I just might be able to call myself an ultra runner come Saturday afternoon.

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