Nathan Endurance Running Pack Review

Posted by on March 8, 2012

My Nathan Endurance pack arrived today from Running Warehouse. I can’t seem to get comfortable running with water bottles in my hands so I needed something to wear other than a CamelBak that I use for mountain biking. The CamelBak is just too heavy to lug around for my long runs. I am also a bit of a gadget freak so pockets are a must have. Camera, iPod, plus gels, a rain jacket perhaps all need to fit in a pack that won’t jostle around when running. All indication pointed to the Nathan packs. I ended up going with the Endurance model due to the size and the way it hugged the body.

I snapped a few photos as soon as I unboxed it and removed the tags. Click any of the thumbnails for a better view.

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I was able to take the pack for a 5.5 mile run tonight. I loaded it up with water, my iPhone, iPod Nano. After a quick adjustment of the side straps I had it snug to my body and set off into the night.

The Endurance is nothing like the CamelBak I mountain bike with. The first thing I noticed was how light it was. Sure I had the bladder full of wanter but it still felt light. The way the pack snugs against your body make it just feel light I think. Not having the water sloshing around or the pack bouncing off your body when you run make it really feel solid. Almost like a part of you. The fit was perfect.

I do have to admit when I put the pack on for the first time I left like one of the kids in Japan that wear the Hello Kitty backpacks.

It doesn’t fit like a normal pack at all. It is high on your back which is fine. It is just a different feeling is all.

I have not loaded the pockets up with much yet. There is a pocket at the top of one strap that is perfect size for an iPod Nano 6th generation. There are two photos above to show how perfect it fits.

I can tell from just the run tonight that I am going to be very happy with this purchase. I will provide another update after I get put more miles on the trial with the pack on.

100 bonus points if you can name the artist and album on my iPod in the photo above.

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