Run Update 3.6.12 – On the War Path

Posted by on March 6, 2012

It was absolutely incredible outside today. 75 degree when I left work at 5. I rushed home, changed, and ask my wife to drive me out to Boonville so I could make the back part of my new route my beaaach. Last weekend I had such a terrible time on the second half of my 18 mile run I needed to redeem myself. I needed to prove to myself that I could run it strong. It is about as hilly as we get here in Iowa. The majority of the route is on gravel roads with nice scenery. Here is the elevation profile. This is not much for the people living in the mountains but it get me huffing and puffing.  Quick hills in succession.

With the wife dropping my off at the bar in Boonville I started to head back to West Des Moines. I had 4 gels and 20 oz of water. I also took my headlamp since the sun was setting already. It was 74 degrees F when I heading out and I had on shorts, t-shirt and a long sleeve. I was not going to even give my body a chance to crap out on me even if this was only a 9 mile run. My plan was to follow Jay’s advice and take a gel every 20 minutes. I don’t mind gels so not a problem putting them down the hatch. Despite being tired from work I setup off feeling pretty good.

I ran every hill the course threw at me with gusto. I only stopped for a few photos of the full moon. You can see those below along with the route. By the time I hit mile four I tied my long sleeve shirt around my waist and was feeling good to be night breeze. It was incredible out. One fact, I run so much better in warm weather. I am sure I am not the only one but it is especially true for me since I have had back surgery. My body just wants to curl up into a little ball when it is before freezing out.  Tonight was a different story.

Tonight I felt incredible. I only had two splits in the 10’s and that was on the toughest hill on the run at mile 5-6. All the other hills did not really impact my speed very much so I am really happy about that. Also, my fastest split was my last mile. Rock & Roll!

Here are the splits.

Now I just need to put in a solid out and back run again on this route to feel redemption for my last long run. Also the Altra Lone Peaks are just incredible. My feet love me for them. Another last note, I forgot to swap my custom insole to the Altra left shoe before I jetted out the door. I ran with no insole and it really did not impact my hurt foot. Things are looking up!

[gmap width=”100%” height=”600px” type=”hybrid” static=”false” zoom=”auto” control=”roadmap,satellite,hybrid,terrain,navigation,scale” photo=”true” photo_icon=”thumbnail” file=””]

Click on any of the image to see a larger version. I couldn’t get a good photo of the moon tonight but is was pretty awesome.

20120306-223440.jpg 20120306-223450.jpg 20120306-223503.jpg 20120306-223513.jpg 20120306-223522.jpg 20120306-223530.jpg

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