Virtual Run Tour 3.1.2012

Posted by on March 2, 2012

If you don’t know I am pretty much a gadget geek. From taking photos to tracking rides and runs with GPS to building web applications I can’t get enough of it. I have been thinking of creating a system that would allow me to recap my ultra races this summer in something more than a 1000 word review. The system would incorporate photos that I take during the race, the route from my Garin 305, a little web savvy know how and it would be packaged up in a nice blog post that would not only allow you to see the route but photo posted along the route. This post is my fist attempt to prefect the system while making it very easy to post race updates. The process needs to be a workflow that I can do in a matter of minutes. I’d also like it to be easy enough for other to do.

You would need a WordPress blog for starters. Also a way to track our route. In my case I use a Garmin 305. For the photos I use my iPhone 4 but any smartphone or camera that can geotag your photo for you will work. Geotagging photos manually is an option but it is way too slow of a process for me.

I need to prefect this for my first race on March 17th. This took me about 15 minutes to upload and post to the blog tonight so I am pretty happy with that. We have a Google Map below that has the route overlayed on it. Icons are also overlayed, in this case you see stars that represent a photo and its goetagged position. Click a star and you can see a thumbnail of the photo. It is nice to see the photo at the location it was taken. Also you can see a gallery of the photo below the map. Click a photo from the gallery and you will get a larger version.

So far so good. The only issue I have right now is that the photos on the map are also clickable but they just reload the page so don’t bother. I am also using a map on my site that geotags all photos that I upload. That is the main navigation at the top right of every page.

if anyone is interested I can post my workflow at some point. Until then enjoy the virtual tour of my run tonight.

[gmap width=”100%” height=”600px” type=”hybrid” static=”false” zoom=”auto” control=”roadmap,satellite,hybrid,terrain,navigation,scale” photo=”true” photo_icon=”thumbnail” file=””]

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.

20120301-201417.jpg 20120301-195041.jpg 20120301-195055.jpg 20120301-184947.jpg 20120301-184958.jpg 20120301-185008.jpg 20120301-185017.jpg 20120301-185031.jpg 20120301-185043.jpg 20120301-185055.jpg 20120301-185104.jpg 20120301-185116.jpg

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3 Responses to Virtual Run Tour 3.1.2012

  1. Ron Heerkens Jr

    I LOVE IT! Definielty would be interested in incorporating this, maybe it would get me to take more photos on the run. So cool.

  2. Ron Heerkens Jr

    Was just thinking you could take this a step further and bring it into Google Earth and make a virtual tour in there, with the photos popping up along the tour!

  3. Ed

    I think the Google Earth would be nice. I have not added photos to Google Earth before. It would be more work for sure. I’ll have to give that a try this weekend. I know you need a special plugin for Google Earth to be embedded. That would be one drawback for some people.

    After my run this weekend I will make a post of how I am doing this so you can give it a try.