Altra Loan Peak Unboxing

Posted by on February 28, 2012

Here is the unboxing and some initial observations on the Altra Lone Peak trail shoes. I am really excited to get them on my feet and get in some decent miles.

I had an alergy attack about 30 minutes before shooting this so I am really nasally. I also say “Umm” a heck of a lot. I’ll try to work on that for my next video review.

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2 Responses to Altra Loan Peak Unboxing

  1. Mike Place

    That was pretty cool. Anxious to hear how you like them. I find that they’re a pretty well-fitting shoe but that there’s a much bigger difference in dropping from 4mm to 0 than there is in dropping from 8mm to 4mm. I don’t wear mine much anymore because they aggravate some tendonitis in my ankles.

    Also, I’ve found the rock place insufficient for trails in the Wasatch but I’ve talked to lots of other people who think I’m crazy and that’s they’re just fine. Then again, I’m a Hoka man so you should take all that with an oversized grain of salt! ;]

    • Ed

      I think it was your blog that I first seen the Hokas. I have not seen them in person since I can’t find a local retailer. Heck I can’t even find them online in size 14. I can certainly see how they could be a shoe for 100 mile events when I get to that level. Do you train in them as well?