IPod Replacement

Posted by on February 23, 2012

Back in January I send in my first generation iPod Nano in as part of the Apple replacement program. There is apparently a fire hazard on the first generation Nano so Apple did the right thing and offered replacements.

Apple really stepped up and gave everyone 6th generation Nanos instead of trying to replace the 1st generation Nano batteries. I think the new Nano is suppose to be refurbished but it looks brand new to me. I am sure it was cheaper to just issue new ones.


I am really looking forward to using this in place of my iPhone for music on my runs. Now I can take photos much quicker when out touring the local trails. It will also make my gear that much light when racing.

Thanks Apple!

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2 Responses to IPod Replacement

  1. Dan

    slick! i think i have a 2nd gen nano from 2005 that will need an upgrade soon.