Foot Update

Posted by on February 21, 2012

I made it to my doctor today. We talked about the injury, how it occurred, and what I am experiencing after my runs. We ended up taking 3 x-rays at different angles of the foot. The good news is that nothing is cracked or fractured. It has been too long for it to be a stress fracture. It is pretty much what I was predicting. He said it is like a bone bruise or tendonitis and will just take time to heal. He suggested some biking or swimming in the mean time.

It is great news that the x-rays came back fine. That rules out anything really significant. My plan it is start heavy on the bike with very minimal running. As of right now I still plan to do my first 50k ultra on March 17th. I won’t be in top form for it but I still want to struggle through it for the experience. Bring on the pain!

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2 Responses to Foot Update

  1. Jay Austin

    Ed, see what “regular” running shoes feel like. You may be able to get out with a bit more shoe on your foot. I give my feet a regular break from the VFFs and Minimuss just so that the muscles and tendons can have time to adapt. Big guys like us probably need to do it more often. I’ve been running a long time (22+years) and only the last two have made the switch to more natural style…

    • Ed

      Jay, my current injury is just the wrong shoes at the wrong time. Ran in AZ and the NB 10’s just did not have the ridght protection. Bad mistake. This injury doesn’t have anything to do with my foot discomfort when I reach the 15+ mile mark. I do have a few regular pairs of shoes. My feet have become so used to 4mm drop that I can’t stand to wear 10+mm drop running shoes now. As odd as low drop shoes felt when I first started running in them the 10+mm drop shoes now feel even more off. It is such a different expereince now that my calfs have become use to the 4mm they don’t like much else these days. I am just about over this injury so it should be back to normal pretty soon.