Altra Lone Peak

Posted by on February 20, 2012

I ordered a pair of the Altra Lone Peaks this past weekend. I have not been comfortable in any shoes I currently run in over 15 miles. It seems that my feet get to a point around 18 miles that they are the part that hurts the most on my body. I don’t have any blister problems just a fatigue issue I guess is the best way to describe it. I really need to find my perfect shoe for long distance trail running. If I can find them my running will go to a new level.

I have been reading a lot of reviews and Altra’s Lone Peak might be that perfect shoe. They are not pretty, that is for sure. If you mix the looks of a bull-dog with a tank I think that is a good description. Most every shoe I have today is pretty minimal and they just have not allowed me to get in the long distance with some relative comfort. The Lone Peaks are not light at 11 oz for a size 9. I hate to think what they weigh at size 14 but I will find out soon enough. Honestly I don’t think the weigh will bother me. As long as the comfort is there I am handle the extra 4-5 oz that what I am used to.

Let’s face it my feet might take more of a beating that most runners. I am currently a 205 pounds, 6’2” tall and have a size 14 shoe. My feet take a beating. My hope is that the Lone Peaks allow my feet to spread out more with their huge toe box. There is also most tread on the ground than most of the shoes I have now. I am hoping they will ride like an old Cadillac.

I order the Lone Peaks directly from Altra. They have a 30 day return policy so if I am not satisfied then I might take them up on their return policy. Keep an eye on the blog and I will post an initial review and then another one after I get to put in some miles in the Lone Peaks.

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2 Responses to Altra Lone Peak

  1. Erik

    Good luck with them, Ed! Just give your feet rest first! Maybe it’s been your feet and not the shoe lately!!

    • Ed

      No, my feet have never felt good after 15+ miles. Rest or hired it doesn’t seem to matter. Looking forward to the big boxtoe of these for sure!